AutoBoard: The App For Onboarding

The software for on-boarding your customers faster and more effectively. Impress your new customers every time with repeatable templates and automated tasks.

On The Same Page: One hosted web page shows the new customer and your team The On-Boarding Plan so everyone is on the same page, in real-time. This brings clarity to the process and sets appropriate expectations by showing what they have to do and by when.

No Worries: Let our Escalation Engine go through a series of alerts, so you don’t have to rely on any one person.

Dynamic Project Management: We make it easy to collect information from customers, and Automate the next step based off that information. This cuts down on labor and makes the onboarding happen faster.

Hit Your KPI's With Reporting And Dashboards:The On-boarding Process is made up of all of the tasks that begin the moment that the customer decides to buy, all the way until the moment that the customer is using the product or service and realizing those benefits. “Successful On-boarding” is a hard mark to hit and is finally achieved when a company quickly gets their customer to that “Aha!" moment and the customer thinks, “Wow, I am satisfied, and would be willing to refer you more business!"

We have implemented our app along with DocuSign, and connected to Customer Success total lifecycle management products like ZenDesk and Gainsight.



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